Baby's First Birthday Celebration

Baby's First Birthday Celebration

Can I just say omg for one second here? Where did the time go? My little 'babu' has just turned one and I am totally amazed with how quickly the time went by. It feels like just yesterday when I would rock my baby to sleep (endlessly), losing track of what day it was as each day rolled into the next. Now that we’re at this point I feel like it’s gone by all so quickly! My little man is a toddler.

His first birthday snuck up on us so we were scrambling in the end to pull it all together, but I think we pulled it off! We decided to keep things low key as we didn’t want to overwhelm the little guy with a ton of people all at once. As such, we had two parties. One for family and the other for friends, with approximately 10-15 guests per party.

I am a major DIY-er and don’t like to spend money on things I can do myself. It’s not necessarily the frugality that gets me going but rather the enjoyment I get from creating things from the heart. It may not always look super polished but the personal touch is really what I’m going for.

Pick a theme

As I browsed through Pinterest I saw some pretty cool themes others used for first birthday celebrations… monster bash, the great outdoors, fishing. To my amazement, I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for. This is a first for me. I love Pinterest but I think it’s because I wanted his first birthday celebration to be really personalized. So, after reflecting on what my baby loves the most, the theme jumped out at us. He looooves to dance and listen to music. Dance party it is! Now, this is a one-year-old’s party we’re talking about so it won’t be your typical dance party but we will have music going so if someone feels like busting a move, by all means!

The Invitation

I created the invitation on the computer. You can do this using any software or online program. Come up with your theme and colours and let this guide how your invitation will look. We broke out the camera and took some amazingly cool shots of him wearing headphones.  This is what we ended up with.


Bela bought a few disco lights that fits into a regular light socket. When you turn it on the room is filled with red, green, and blue lights circling around. Super cool. Really easy. Massive effect.


We bought a bunch of bristol board from the dollar store in the theme colours we chose and cut out music notes, symbols, and letters for signage. I also had a ton of bright colourful paper lying around so ended up making paper fans. This is a really easy project and when you have a good number of them can have a dramatic effect. I'm boxing these up for the next party. I think they'll look really nice for a photo booth backdrop! 

Picture Décor

I am a photoholic, especially when my boy is at the other end of the camera. To show off his first year I printed over 200 photos of him. I hung his month by month photos on some twine using clothesline pins and created some wall décor to go with it. Again, super simple and everyone loved it. The extra photos I stuck up on a single wall and made a fun collage and a great conversation piece for guests. 

Cake Topper

We opted to buy a cake from our favourite Hungarian bakery. This bakery doesn’t specialize in cake decoration so I hit up Pinterest again. I found fondant recipes and some cool ideas for how to apply it but most fondant contains some nasty ingredients. No thank you! As an alternative we came up with this sign. Hubby kinda dropped it in the cake so ignore the chocolate icing! 


This one was a toughie. After some deep pondering on a Saturday morning we came up with three games:

Musical Stomp-a-tition

I found a used FAO Schwarz piano mat online. Being on maternity leave, it was essential we keep the party budget friendly but there’s no need to sacrifice fun! Our son loves to play with this on the floor so I’m certain it will bring hours of enjoyment for years to come. A well worth investment if you ask me.

DIY Pictionary

In an effort to make some really good memories for us and our guests we decided a DIY Pictionary game would be perfect. We came up with our own Pictionary cards all about our son and the things he likes or dislikes. This way our guests get to learn more about him.


We wanted to serve a light lunch buffet style so opted for the following:

  • Bite sized sandwiches
  • Jammin’ Crabbie Fruit Platter
  • Musical Mice Deviled Eggs Cheese Platter (forgot to snap a picture of this one but you can easily find this on Pinterest). 
  • Kale Salad

At the end of the day everyone had a blast and we captured some real memorable moments. What an incredible first year. Its days like these where I like to remind myself to enjoy each day to its fullest. Time really goes by like the blink of an eye. Live as much time doing the things you love to do with the people who fill your heart with happiness.

Happy birthday ‘babu’!


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